Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Haunted) Haunted Attraction: Magic Mountain Fright Fest

GHOULA only posts info about "Haunted Attractions" (as in attractions with a haunted/scary theme) when they occupy an actual local haunted location. Unfortunately, these attractions never capitalize on their built-in super-natural folklore. For more info on local Haunted Attractions, please visit our friends at

Note: This event is not hosted by GHOULA. This is just a local (ghost related) event that exists independently that GHOULA wants its members to know about. As such, guides, volunteers, docents and/or staff at this event may not wish to discuss this landmark's haunted history.

Where: Magic Mountain
26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia,(map)

Event Dates: OCTOBER ONLY (check website for exact dates)

(check website for prices and deals)

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Like most amusement parks (especially the ones with a high death count), Magic Mountain has its share of ghosts, including a "woman in white," a "man in grey." Also, the restless spirits of Native Americans as well as children have been see throughout the park.

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