Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Haunted) Haunted Attraction: Griffith Park Ghost Train

GHOULA only posts info about "Haunted Attractions" (as in attractions with a haunted/scary theme) when they occupy an actual local haunted location. Unfortunately, these attractions never capitalize on their built-in super-natural folklore. For more info on local Haunted Attractions, please visit our friends at

Note: This event is not hosted by GHOULA. This is just a local (ghost related) event that exists independently that GHOULA wants its members to know about. As such, guides, volunteers, docents and/or staff at this event may not wish to discuss this landmark's haunted history.

Where: Griffith Park (The Live Steamers)
5202 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles(map)

Event Dates: OCTOBER ONLY (check their website for exact dates)

  Donation-based. (see comment below)

(For more info about this local attraction...)

The ghosts said to haunt this cursed city park are numerous. From men on horseback to women dressed in white. It is said that these are the oldest ghost stories in Los Angeles with sighting dating back to the 1800's. And even today, it is said that there are so many sightings still, that the ranger's office has a special form just for ghostly encounters.

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Anonymous said...

Although this year’s so called "donation" is $10.00, the ticket counter will bring it to your attention and make you feel embarrassed, cheap and less of an individual if you donate anything less. Primarily as they are rude in that scenario, loud for others to hear to put you on the spot. $10.00 does add up when you go as family. Many have complained and I would not be amazed that is why their comments section is closed on their website. They state it’s a donation, but they will treat you as if it’s a straight fee.