Wednesday, October 17, 2012

3rd Annual Haunted Films @ Haunted Places

It's that time again...

...for our annual "Haunted Films at Haunted Places."

In a partnership with the Echo Park Film Center Filmmobile, we present free outdoor screenings of horror films at unusual locations that are said to be haunted, and discuss that ghost lore before showing the film.

Time: 7:00pm
Date: October, 28th (Sunday)
Location: TOP SECRET (revealed 24 hours before screening)
(location info:)
Admission: FREE!

This year we will be screening the Allied Artists masterpiece (about a female ghost that was actually shot in the KCET studios which are said to be haunted by a female ghost) starring the late, great actor/director/ author (and Encino resident) Richard Carlson...

(The original title: "Tormented by the She-Ghost of Haunted Island")

Check out the trailer for this creepy classic!

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