Monday, July 30, 2012

85th Valentino Memorial Service

Note: This event is not hosted by GHOULA. This is just a local (ghost related) event that exists independently that GHOULA wants its members to know about. As such, docents and staff at this event may not wish to discuss this landmark's haunted history.

Where: Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Boulevard (map)
Date: August 23 (Thursday)
Time: 12:10 pm

One can read about Valentino's many achievements and super stardom elsewhere, but what is of interest to local ghost hunters about this silent film celebrity is the ubiquitous nature of his ghost. Valentino is said to repeatedly haunt many buildings and places throughout Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Downtown. Even the ghosts of his horse and favorite dog have been spotted over the years

The reason for these many sightings probably stems from two facts from his time in Southern California. First, because of his popular and fun-loving nature, there are not many places locally that he didn't visit, stay at, dance at, entertain at, or was entertained at (both before and after stardom). Secondly, he (along with his wife) were outspoken believers in the spirits, and participated in many demonstrations of seances. Incidentally, he has also been known to show up at many more seances after he departed.

Although Hollywood Forever Cemetery is easily one of the most haunted local cemeteries, ironically his ghost has not been seen there. But, it has been seen in the neighboring Paramount studios (some have even claimed his ghost goes through the adjoining wall as if going into the cemetery). Though Valentino may not haunt the premises, the ghost of a "women in black" has been seen periodically visiting his marker, and disappearing around a corner. The identity of this "woman" is difficult to determine, since over the decades, many women (including one who still does these duties today) have also donned that same mourning outfit and repeated the ritual of visiting his final resting place. The idea of Valentino's "woman in black" seems to be a local tradition past down through the generations (as well as something often imitated).

So, come out and celebrate the life (and after-life) of one of the silver screen's most unique stars.

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