Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Last Friday's Screening!

So, it looks like the spirits of the Haunted Forest are not to be trifled with, and "the curse" should apparently be taken seriously for those that dare plan night-time events in these mysterious woods.

Shortly before our scheduled screening, a car accident occurred at the gates of the (long gone) Cobb Estate, the site of the infamous murder attempt previously mentioned on this blog. As a result of this collision, the DWP blocked the gates and the entrance to the Haunted Forest as they re-installed the damaged street lighting, and restored electrical power to the area.

Following the old adage, "The show must go on," the Filmobile set up the screen one block south of the gates. So, although we were not inside the Haunted Forrest, we were Haunted Forest adjacent.

The few people who braved the unforeseen, and were not dissuaded by the road closures or twitter warnings, were rewarded with a forrest-themed horror film, and a discussion of the local ghosts.

To those that have been emailing about a redo, we are not going to have a make-up screening at this location, but we will be revisiting Altadena's famous Haunted Forrest next summer for a series of haunted night hikes planned. Hope to see you then, and don't forget this Friday's Haunted Films @ Haunted Places screening.

(For info about this Friday's Haunted Films @ Haunted Places...)
(For info about the ghosts of Altadena's Haunted Forrest...)

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Girl With Chalk said...

That is AWESOME! I will be at the haunted hike next summer!