Thursday, October 22, 2015


When: Sunday, October 25 (This is the last one until next year))

Time: Tour starts at 6 pm
(tour is about 3 hours)

Meeting Place: The palm tree-lined island (with the sun-dial) in front of Union Station
800 North Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012 (map)

Price: FREE (donation-based) Tour
NOTE: Each person will need to purchase a Metro "Day Pass" ($7 + $1 "Tap Card"). Please purchase the Metro Pass (not a "Metrolink" ticket) before the meet-up to save time. The machines can be confusing, so look for metro "day fare" and not "add fare."

Parking: See below.

Los Angeles' lore is filled with tales of secret tunnels. Whether its supposed opium dens, rum-running passages, discontinued "Red Car" tunnels, munchkin transports, celebrity/mistress escape routes, or simply chambers belonging to a race of subterranean lizard people, many buildings and homes claim to be connected to other buildings and homes below street level (if only we could find their openings).

So, is there a better way to explore the haunted history of Los Angeles than by traveling underground from location to location via our very own (dead) Red Line Metro Subway with the other living dead of this city?

We will meet-up at Union Station (the starting point for the Red Line) and then travel through 13 stops to the North Hollywood Station (at the end of the line), getting off and on along the way. In addition to Union Station and the North Hollywood Station, we will stop at few other stations, step off the train, rise to street-level, and discuss the ghosts and haunted sites visible from that spot before going back aboard to the next stop on our tour.

Come out and hear spooky tales about a spirit solider, a vanishing padre, and a ghostly car. As well as many other phantom figures from our past that haunt our present.

(see a review of this tour here...)

Parking: Since everyone on the tour will need a Metro Day Pass to ride the subway, it is advisable to park at one of the FREE lots provided by the Metro at either the North Hollywood Station, our end point (map), or the Universal City Station (or any of the other free lots on connecting Metro lines), and then just take the Subway to Union Station to meet-up with the group (The lots around Union Station are expensive and may close early).

Monday, October 19, 2015

5th Annual Haunted Films at Haunted Places

It's that time again...

...for our annual "Haunted Films at Haunted Places."

In a partnership with the Echo Park Film Center Filmmobile, we present a free outdoor screening of a horror film at an unusual location that is said to be haunted, and discuss that ghost lore before showing the film. All are welcome to this family-friendly event. Don't forget to bring chairs and flashlights.

Date: October 26th (Monday)
Time: movie starts at 8:00pm
Location: SUICIDE BRIDGE (Colorado St. Bridge)
East end of the bridge at Defenders Park, adjacent to...
1 S. Grand Ave, Pasadena, CA 91105 (Map)
Admission: FREE!
Movie: NIGHT STALKERS (2011)

NIGHT STALKERS is a documentary feature focusing on Southern California's paranormal investigators, and why they hunt ghosts. In addition to featuring several local ghost-hunting teams and haunted locations around town, the movie was granted unprecedented access to the inner-workings of these normally private groups, creating a unique glimpse in to this large nocturnal subculture of our city.  Thus, NIGHT STALKERS is a an insightful time capsule of the paranormal investigation scene in Los Angeles of 2010.

WAYNE POE, the film's director, will be present at the screening for a Q and A afterward.

ALSO: For those interested in learning more about ghost-hunting, a demo and mini ghost-hunt of the haunted bridge will be conducted at 7:00pm (an hour before the movie) by Connor Bright and Scott Marcus from