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(presented by GHOULA and the Institute for Art and Olfaction’s Smelly Vials Perfume Club)

Date: Saturday, October 3rd
Time: Kick-off party starts at 5pm
Location: The Institute for Art and Olfaction
932 Chung King Road, LA CA 90012 (map

Admsission: The Party is FREE! (to RSVP click here)
                   Limited Edition "Phantosmia Maps" are $5 (see below)
                   "Ghost Smell Kits" are $60 (see below)

This is one of our most unusual ghostly events. Its a unique self-guided tour of local sites that are haunted by SMELL. So, come to the kick-off party and get a "Phantosmia Map" (and a "Ghost Smell Kit"), so you can go off on your own para-aroma adventure as we recreate the odors of 13 SMELLY GHOSTS !

"Phantosmia" (făn-tŏs′mē-ă) is the perception of an odor when no physical source is present, a phantom smell (also known as "clairscent"). Yes, with some ghost stories, in certain locations, people not only claim to see "something," but they may also smell "something" associated with that spirit. Furthermore, there are psychics that can smell a victim's perfume, and get "readings" of the crime, or be able to locate the body. Now, its time to put your abilities to the test...

What will you conjure up when exposed to the specific scents associated with these local spirits? From Peg Entwistle’s sweet gardenia perfume floating inexplicably around the Hollywood sign to the phantom smell of Rudolph Valentino’s horse, these ghost smells are sensorial reminders of the lurid, turbulent and baroque history of this City of Angels; where dreams come to be born and – just as often – die terrible, lonely and often painful deaths.

On October 3rd, 2015, join us for the kick-off party for our self-guided tour. At this "scent event," you will be able to purchase the limited edition "Phantosmia Map" and the "Ghost Smell Kits," or you can buy now (in case the limited quantities sell out). Then, at your leisure, you can explore the city’s famous and not-so-famous haunts – notable for their paranormal disturbances uniquely driven by scent.

The Limited Edition "Phantosmia Maps" designed by Micah Hahn ( $5 (while supplies last), and fold-out to reveal our guide to 13 aromatic apparitions of LA, with the locations and stories related to the hauntings.

The "Ghost Smell Kits" are $60 (while supplies last), containing thirteen ghostly scents created by The Smelly Viles Perfume Club in 3ml spray bottles (one for each stop on the self-guided tour) and the limited edition fold-out map to the locations with stories related to the hauntings, and a few extra goodies. (only a limited number of the kits were made, so if interested, get it now, before they are all gone).

As part of the project, guests are invited to visit each location on their own, experience the space with their haunted smells and collect a rubbing from the Phantosmia marker hidden nearby. Guests who visit all thirteen sites (and have the rubbings to prove it!) will be invited to a special blending session at the IAO, where they will be able to explore their own olfactory version of ghostly LA. experience.

Due to USPS regulations we are unable to ship kits – they are only available for pick-up only.

ABOUT THE SMELLY VIALS PERFUME CLUB Smelly Vials Perfume Club (SVPC) is a collaborative perfume club rooted in an ethos of experimentation, knowledge-sharing and a gonzo approach to creativity and learning. SVPC is a program of The Institute for Art and Olfaction, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Los Angeles. More information

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