Sunday, July 14, 2013

Highlights from July's SWS!

(The haunted underground garage.)

So, at July's "SPIRITS with SPIRITS," while enjoying one of the best views in Los Angeles, a waiter shared some additional stories. First of all, he confidentially mentioned that the Bonaventure actually has a high death count (in addition to the previously mentioned murder), including a man, who in attempt to win a radio contest, tried to jump across an opening to get to a radio station employee first, and instead fell five stories to his death in the lobby.

He also claimed that the elevators (all of them) seem to have minds of their own. Supposedly, sometimes the buttons light up by themselves without anyone pressing them. Additionally, the elevators have a tendency to mysteriously stop on the 19th floor. The elevator doors open, and no one is there. He also claimed that the elevator repair company has tried to solve this issue many times without success.

(to read about more ghosts at the Bonaventure Hotel... )

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