Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heritage Square Ghost Hunt

Where: Heritage Square
3800 Homer Street, Los Angeles (map)
Date: February 4 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm - 1:00am
Before the 29th: $55.00 (single), $100 (double)
After the 29th: $60.00 (single), $115 (double)

Note: This is not a GHOULA event, it's a ghost-themed event, that GHOULA feels its members should be aware is happening in our great haunted city.

Haunted Orange is hosting this event at Los Angeles' Heritage Square. It is a paranormal investigation open to the public. Ramiro Ramirez (of MUN2 "From Beyond") and Kathryn Wilson (the psychic from A&E Storage Wars) will be leading the investigations. Teams will be broken up into small groups, and it is a fabulous opportunity for enthusiasts to see some real paranormal activity. There are 8 Victorian homes that we will be investigating. Haunted Orange has already had the opportunity to investigate them, and claims they are most definitely haunted.

(Although in years past, Heritage Square officially denied that any of their buildings were haunted, GHOULA has heard privately from employees that two of the historic structures do indeed have very active other-worldly residents. Additionally, Heritage Square was created to preserve a famously haunted Victorian home, which ironically burned to the ground once it was moved to this location.)

Don't miss out on getting to investigate these fabulous haunted Victorian homes! Small groups, 8 buildings! Limited amount of tickets.

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Funky Bungalow Vintage said...

I can't wait!!!! Hope to see you all there!!!
Marlo ;)