Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May's SWS Highlights

Thank you all for coming out to the far end of the valley for this unique venue. Despite what GHOULA previously reported, the dead remnants of the supposed "Hanging Tree" is no longer on display in the parking lot. The other reputed "Hanging Tree" across the street though, we are happy to report is alive and well (pictured below).

While we enjoying the atmosphere, one of the Catina's security guards shared his own personal ghost experience from the establishment. He said that late one night, after closing, he went into the restroom (pictured above) to relieve himself before leaving to go home. As he stood in front of the urinal (with an unobstructed view of the light switch on the wall), he saw the switch flip to "Off" by itself, leaving him in total darkness. Then, afterward, while he was standing outside the door to the "men's room," an irate female employee came out of the "ladies' room." The same thing happened to her, while she was in her stall. Since he was standing there outside the bathrooms, she assumed he must have done it. Later, he asked other employees about the incident, and discovered the strange "lights off" phenomenon has happen to others there.

Also, as the evening was winding down, and people were wandering over to the "hanging tree," and the haunted adobe next door, GHOULA member Caitlyn took these three photographs (pictured below after the two tree photos). She used her iphone, and was standing in the same place for each picture, and they were shot one right after the other (no flash for the middle one). Notice that a white dot appears in the second photo (the one without the flash) in the second arch from the right, and is not there in the top photo. In the last photo, the dot has moved to the third arch from the right on the balcony. three photos, same spot, with and without flash, and yet it is as if the "light" were floating (from right to left) across the second floor balcony, where the ghost of Mr. Leonis and "the woman in black" are seen.

(to read about this location's ghost stories...)

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