Sunday, April 18, 2010

Highlights from April's SWS

Thanks to all who came out. Also, thank you to the staff of Tam O'Shanter's Inn, who made us feel so welcomed. Those that stayed late into the evening were treated to the busboy, who threw a table cloth over his head, and ran around the Bonnie Prince Charlie Room moaning like a ghost. And just like a real ghost, he managed to just miss getting his picture taken by all those with their cameras.

We were also treated to a few additional ghost stories...

It is believed that the ghosts of the Bonnie Prince Charlie Room are connected to the grocery store that was originally on that spot, which burned to the ground, making room for the Tam to expand the dinning area on to that property.

A busboy claims to have seen (on several occasions) a man in a mask walking in the upstairs hall outside of the restaurant's office. The prevailing theory is that he might have been a burglar, and perhaps is also connected to the fire that may have claimed the other lives.

A waiter told us confidentially that many elderly patrons have died in this restaurant, and one such elderly woman is believed to haunt the table that was the site of her last meal. Late at night, while closing, people still see her sitting there. If you too want to eat at this haunted table, it's table #13 in the room off of the main dinning room.

With regard to the restaurant's connection to Walt Disney, we were told that he used to sit at the bar and use cocktail napkins to jot down ideas he had for his future theme park. It is well known that Disney would show up at W.E.D. (now called Walt Diseny Imagineering or W.D.I.) in the morning with his ideas sketched on napkins. So, it seems those drawings were made the night before at the historic Tam. This also makes sense when considering how close this restaurant is to the park bench, where he daydreamed about his theme park. Apparently, on his way to the Tam, Disney would stop at the bench and work out his ideas in his head and then write them down as soon as he got to the Tam.

(the following pictures are table #13, and then Walt Disney's favorite table)

The portrait of "The Bonnie Prince Charlie," which the child ghost is said to resemble.

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