Thursday, March 4, 2010

Haunted Hospital Meet and Greet

The good people of the Boyle Heights Paranormal Project (in collaboration with Linda Vista Hospital) invite all family, friends, and fans to the Iconic (and very haunted) Linda Vista Hospital to celebrate their Website Launch Event. Dare to experience the mystery and lore of one of Paranormal world's most famous haunted places. There will be guest speakers, BHPP team members, and snippets of the new documentary by BHPP titled " My Boyle Heights Ghost Story."

THE DATE: March 12 (Friday)
THE TIME: 9:00pm-Midnight
THE PLACE: Linda Vista Hospital
610 S St Louis St, Los Angeles(map)


When this hospital (originally built for Santa Fe Railroad employees) opened in 1904, it may have had a simple design on the outside, but it was all state-of-the-art on the inside. Among the many (then) high-tech gadgets found here were automatic elevators (push-button), automatic fire escapes (using body weight to lower slowly), and automatic wheelchairs (???). Some of the revolutionary design elements used in the construction (and now commonplace) were individually heated/cooled rooms, park lands surrounding the hospital, large interconnected halls on each floor and passages to each building (which created one overall structure), so beds and bath tubs could be rolled easily from any room to any other room. Also, within this maze, the walls were curved at each intersection (to make turning easier for wheel chairs). The Hospital also featured tiled surgical rooms so cleaning could be done simply with a water hose. These features made it the most sanitary and best equipped hospital on the Pacific Coast, and one of the largest hospitals in the country at that time.

Unfortunately, these improvements (as with any hospital) are never enough to keep patients from dying within their walls. In over a hundred years, there has been a lot of death and sadness at this site. So, it is no wonder that just about any kind of paranormal experience that one can imagine has happened within these buildings. The most famous phenomena (because of its appearance on the TV's "Ghost Adventures") is the disembodied laughter (sometimes humming) of a little girl echoing down the halls.

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Anonymous said...

linda vista is freaky we went and took pictures on our pix there was orbits all around us and u can see a man's face on my friends cheek and we seen lites go on and a lady in a w hite gown walk and stand looking at us then vanished. we went to the creamatory it smelled like old b.b.q and sum kinda stinch, people were coming towards us when we turned just about the corner they laughed scary and then vanished, this couple with kids walked passed us and the little girl said to me your son looks just like you and keep here eyes down i said how do u you he is my son ? she smiled and coverd her mouth and giggled, we left fast!!!!that place is creepy!

Anonymous said...

I had an experience at the one in Hollywood. I was in the restroom waiting for my friend n as I stood by the wall. I saw the walls push out as if they were breathing.