Saturday, October 17, 2009


Here are some of the photos from a "ghost hunt" organized by GHOULA, conducted at three of the grand movie palaces in Los Angeles' historic Broadway corridor. The evening was documented by a crew from KTLA news.

(to read about the ghosts of the Tower Theater...)
(to read about the ghosts of the Palace Theater...)

(to read about the ghosts of the Los Angeles Theater...)
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The group marches down Broadway, hitting one theater after the next. In the background, the neon marques for the Palace Theater and the Los Angeles Theater can be seen.

Our two psychics for the evening, Mindy and Psychic Lee Barron (


While the cameraman was setting up the camera to interview Richard Carradine (club president), and while everyone else waited in the lobby, the cameraman saw a dark figure (male) walk into the door in the "box seat" to the right of the stage. That door goes in to a small room, that has no other doors, windows, or any other way out. Before the interview, he confessed his sighting off camera. When the other GHOULA members were allowed into the auditorium, shortly thereafter electro-magnetic anomalies where discovered in that doorway. No one except the cameraman, the producer, and Mr. Carradine knew about the sighting before the investigation began.

Craig unpacks his equipment in the lobby of the Tower Theater. We conducted this investigation on Oct. 12, which was the date that the Tower Theater originally open to the public 87 years before.

GHOULA members got strange and inconsistent electro-magnetic readings inside this lounge attached to the men's restroom, underneath the Tower Theater's auditorium.

This is the stairs down to the restrooms, where one of the previous ghost sightings occurred. According to an interview Ghoula conducted, it was on these stairs that one witness felt a hand grab his arm and pull him down.

Richard explores the room under the stage, where according to legend a female performer died in a fire. This unverified incident is believed to be the origin of the woman ghost seen on the Tower's stage.

The is the secret projection room (inside the projection booth) where the ghost of a projectionist has been seen in the past.


In this picture, the infamous third balcony of the Palace Theater can be seen in the shadows.
These are the outdoor stairs to the separate entrance to the infamous third balcony (and the only way to get there).

This is the corner of the stage, where the ghost of a woman has been seen walking towards the stage (as demonstrated by Mindy).

These are some pictures of the old theater seats collected under the Palace's auditorium.


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